17 Aug August 17, 2014

Twill Table Runner Project Step One

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Twill Warp Project | Designs by SuzieMy first project i have picked is going to be a table runner-fairly short- about three to four feet long. I am using multiple colors of yarn and it will have varying widths on the warp. The weft will also have the same colors as well a few other colors so it will have stripes of different colors and widths also. The pattern is going to be a simple twill or herringbone pattern. I am using a 3/2 yarn for the warp.. and a finer thread of 5/2 and maybe some 3/2 for the weft to give it some more texture. I am using yellows, blues, rusts, greens, & violets for this runner. The runner will have 240epi and I will have four threads (doubled two) on the selvage (outside edges). I am using a twelve dent reed on this project.

Be sure to check back for updates on this project!

Twill Warp Project 2| Designs by SuzieTwill Warp Project 3| Designs by Suzie

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