24 Sep September 24, 2014

Tabby Weave Scarf with Space Dyed Yarn

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Tabby Scarf 1 | Designs by SuzieThis project is going to be rather simple compared to the table runner I just completed. I am making a scarf and it will be twelve inches wide and approx eighty inches long. It will have a white warp of 5/2 thread and will be threaded in a plain weave or tabby weave pattern… this threading can be used for straight twills or tabby, I am choosing to do a tabby weave because the yarn i m going to use is a space dyed yarn  or variegated yarn and I want the yarn to make the design in the scarf. What i am planning on doing is having five to ten inches of the spaced dyed yarn and then about three to four inches of white …. so it will have a semi striping effect but the design on the scarf itself will be made by the space dyed yarn. Please check back for more updates on this project.

Tabby Scarf 2| Designs by SuzieTabby Scarf 3| Designs by SuzieTabby Scarf 4| Designs by SuzieTabby Scarf 5| Designs by Suzie



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