I use a four harness table loom to create beautiful hand made items. I can create a pattern for you or you can pick one I have already. I also have many colors for you to choose from, the ones on here are samples of what I have readily available. Prices will vary for items, it depends on the pattern difficulty; the length; and color availability. I have made table runners, shawls, scarfs, placemats and wall hangings. If you are interested in something please feel free to contact me at 678-925-7884 or my email at [email protected]

UPDATE– I entered a woven table runner and a wall hanging in the Home Arts section of the 2015 Guadalupe County Fair. The Hand Woven Table Runner won Grand Champion  and the Wall Hanging won a 1st Place Blue Ribbon I am Very proud of the work I did on both of these projects and happy to show them off to you. The table runner is for sale just contact me by email or phone and I will let you know the specifics.

My Weaving:

My Loom and Tools: