12 Sep September 12, 2014

Twill Table Runner Project Final Step

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Twill Project13| Designs by SuzieThe last and final step for this warp is the weaving process and picking the colors you want to use… I have already decided on a design and it is a variation of a twill that will almost look like a figure 8. I used colors from the warp and lighter and or darker shades of the warp colors as well and i use a chenile yarn with has a fuzzy texture to it. Where the warp colors and the weft colors are the same there are blocks of solid color check boarded throughout the table runner. The ends are knotted and it has fringe on the ends. I left the fringe long for now but it can be cut if the person buying it prefers it shorter. It is far easier to shorten the fringe than to make it short and then want it long again. If you are interested in buying this peice please feel free to email or call me and w can discuss the price of it. Not sure what my next project will be but please check back and look to see what I will be working on next.

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2 thoughts on “Twill Table Runner Project Final Step

  1. mazy says:


    You are soooooooo talented


  2. chris says:

    Great work, awesome use of colors and blending is great! Very nice

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