05 Oct October 05, 2014

Tabby Weave Scarf with Space Dyed Yarn

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Tabby Scarf 6| Designs by SuzieWell it didn’t take me long to get this project on the loom, I spent a couple hours doing
the warp and then maybe all of six hours getting it on the loom. Once it was tied up and ready to
go the weaving started. The first rows are done with the same yan as the warp and then
after that i started with the spaced dyed yarn, the tabby weave shows off the design in
the yarn and makes some really cool stripes. I am doing six inch blocks with the space
dyed and then I did one inch stripe of white one inch of navy blue and then another one
inch of white after that i did another six inch block of the space dyed. I will end up with a
total of twenty-four inches on each end of the scarf of the space dyed and white/blue/white and
in the middle I will have alternating strips of navy blue and black done in a twill pattern
and in the middle will be a two inch stripe of dark purple done in a zigzag (twill) and it will
help tie the ends together as there is purple in the spacedyed along with the navy blue
and a hint of the black. I have only been working on this a couple days and i am already
over half way done with it. Check back in a few days and it should be done.

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