04 Nov November 04, 2014


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Beads 1 |  Designs by Suzie This Blog is going to be about the beads i have to make necklaces with. I have a nice
collection of glass beads and although you don’t see alot of jewelry posted I have made
several pieces for friends and family. I don’t mind making pieces ahead of time but i
prefer to make them custom, the way you want them. Sometimes you will see necklaces
in a store and they are always the same basic design, i like to think outside that box and
make them for the person who is wanting it. When you are putting together beads, you
have to think about color and the design on the bead as well as the accent beads to go
with it so it creates a beautiful piece that any person would be happy to wear and make
them feel special. That is the way i want my jewelry to be thought of as a special piece
you wear going out with someone you care for or to a place that means alot to you. So if
you would like to have that piece of jewelry that is unique and made just for you let me
know, I would he happy to design a piece just for you. I also would like to thank my Best Friend Deb who makes these beads for me, she is something special and I appreciate her very much. These are some of the beads i have to choose from and then i have many different kinds of beads to accent with. Check it out you may find something you like.

Beads 2 |  Designs by SuzieBeads 3 |  Designs by SuzieBeads 4 |  Designs by SuzieBeads 5 |  Designs by Suzie


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