Suzie AboutMy name is Suzanne Drake and I went back to school in my 40’s to study and work in the art world.  I have always loved art and enjoy doing it in many forms.  My favorites are Weaving, Jewelry, Ceramics and Photos, but I also can do sculpture in clay and  wood, as well as crochet.  All my art is made with love and caring and I put a part of me in it to create the piece you would want.  Creating you the piece of Jewelry you want or that perfect weaving brings me great joy so any ideas you have are very welcome. I am a former member of the Seguin Art League and learned many new things from the various Artists that belong to the league, I also met some wonderful artisans that  continue to work  and live in the Seguin area. You are welcome to call me at 678-925-7884 or email me at [email protected] to discuss an item you would like made for you or someone special in your life.